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Taxation Branch

Tax department deals with levy & collection of various taxes, fees & charges prescribed under the Cantonments Act, 2006. The major taxes include house tax, water tax, profession tax and major fees include license fee of shops, rent derived from Cantonment fund properties, sewerage charges etc. The triennial assessment of annual rental value is done every three years based on which house tax is calculated. Before finalization of the assessment list; objections are invited from concerned persons and are duly heard by the Chief Executive Officer.

Billing System

Delivery of Bills:  
Delivery of local bills is done manually from door to door & out door bills are sent by UPC.

Mode of Payment: By cash, cheque, Debit/Credit Cards & Online

1.  One percent on house tax if the payment is made within thirty days from the date of receipt the bill.
2.  Ten percent on sewerage charges if the payment is made within fifteen days from the date of receipt the bills

Forms & Applications

Sr.  Name of FormCost of Form
1.Application for Water ConnectionRs. 25/-
2.Transfer of Title FormRs. 2000 (Rs. 500/- as cost of transfer of title in tax & Rs. 1500/- as processing fee.
3.Building ApplicationRs. 600/- for pair of application.

Tax & Non-Tax Rates

Sr. No.SubjectRelevant Gazette NotificationRate
1.House TaxSRO No.389 dated 15.12.196713%
2.Water TaxSRO No.75 dated 12.02.19574% to 6%
3.Dog TaxSRO No.3029 dated 27.11.1922Rs.100/- per dog where one dog kept
4.Profession TaxSRO No. JCB/TAX/403/C dated 09.05.1988Rs.200/- to Rs.1500/- at different rates per annum.
5.Show Tax Rs.100/- per show
6.Cycle TaxSRO No.319 dated 29.10.1969Rs.15/- per cycle
7.Scavenging TaxSRO NoA07 dated 21.11.1960Rs. 50/- to 70/- per mont
1.Temp. Ground RentCBR No.06 dated 24.12.2002, CBR No.13 dated 29.08.2003 and CBR No.16 dated18.06.2005Rs. 31/- to 2000/- per day
2.Water ChargesCBR No.07 dated 11.07.2003Rs. 70/-, Rs. 80/-, Rs. 100/-, Rs. 300/-, Rs. 200/- ,Rs. 300/- &  Rs. 250/- per month
3.Sewerage ChargesCBR No.19 dated 11.04.2007Rs.70/-, Rs.80/-,Rs. 100/-, Rs.300/- & Rs.350/- per month
4.Ticket fee Rs.0.05 & Rs.0.10
5.Dhobi Ghat, House Rent & Others  Rs.150/- per month
6.Kasturba Nagar quarters.CBR No.15 dated 24.06.1985Rs.120/-, Rs.150, Rs.165/-, Rs.200/- & Rs.250/- per month
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