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Sanitation Branch

The Jalandhar Cantonment Board is responsible for overall sanitation of the Cantonment such as garbage lifting, waste disposal, cleaning of drains, public roads, various public group latrines, sewerage system in civil area and maintenance of public gardens and parks.

Public Amenities

The Board has recently started private work contracts for cleanliness of the civil area which include door to door collection of garbage. The Board undertakes bacteriological test of drinking water and also distributes pamphlets for civic awareness on dengue, garbage collection etc. Water supply through tanker is provided wherever there is failure of water supply on the very same day. If private parties need water tankers, they have to submit an application 03-07 days in advance along with the necessary payment.


Complaints regarding non-sweeping, cleaning of street, roads and regarding non collection/removal of garbage can be made in the Cantonment Boad Office by information to the Sanitary Inspector first and if not attended in time; matter may be reported to the Sanitary Superintendent.


The Cantonment Board maintain gardens, roundabouts and road side trees & shrubs as well as plantation within the properties such as hospitals, schools and office. The Board over the past thirty years has been organizing “Annual Flower and Garden Competition” in the month of March which is a major public event in the Cantonment. In the past two years there have been innovative additions like dog show, display of book stalls and pet stalls in this annual event.

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