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Main Branch

The office Superintendent coordinates the overall office network. He coordinates between various branches/ sections of the office, preparing agenda for Board meetings, preparation of Electoral rolls and coordinating various other activities.

Account Branch

Account Section deals with records regarding income and expenditure of the Board as per the various registers laid down in the Cantonment Account Code, 1924. It also deals with leave encashment, GPF of employees, their salaries, maintenance of leave accounts and service books as well as submission of income tax details. Accountant keeps documents and registers such as general cash book, subsidiary registers, classified abstract, annual account, annual budget and scale register. It also scrutinizes all bills and payments to be made out of Cantt Fund.

Store Section

The stores section deals with purchase of store items, preparing of store estimates and annual store contracts. It also deals with auction of unserviceable stores. The store keeper also maintains stock books. The stock verifications are done every year.

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