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Engineering Branch

Engineering Section maintains public utilities, undertakes repairs and renovation of assets of the Cantonment Board and also keeps a watch over construction activities and encroachments on Defence Land. It oversees project works and submits all land reports as well as processes building applications. It keeps in its custody General Land Registers.

In case of complaints of unauthorized constructions, encroachments and complaints on roads, drains, culverts and buildings, please contact:

NameDesignationContact No
Shri Tejinder SinghCantt Overseer8699223567
Shri Manjinder SinghDraughtsman9815292000

Classification of Lands in the Cantonment

Defence lands in every Cantonment are broadly divided into following categories:          
1.  Class A-1   :  (Under active occupation of armed forces)
2.  Class A-2   :  (Reserved for the future occupation of forces)
3.  Class B-1  :  (Placed under the management of central Government other than Ministry of Defence)
4.  Class B-2  :  (Under the management of State Govt.)
5.  Class B-3  :  57.90 Acres (Leases or old grant bungalows)
6.  Class B-4  :  20.89 Acres (Vacant or grazing land)
7.  Class C :  157.43 Acres (Placed under the management of Cantonment Board for its use).
8. Private Land: 25.19 Acre

Total Land  =  ____________ , of which 261.41 Acres is placed under the management of Cantonment Board Jalandhar Cantt.


It is illegal to make any encroachment on the Govt. land and also land under the management of Cantonment Board. Such encroachment shall be dealt with as per provisions of Cantonments Act 2006 and Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants) Act 1971.

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