Terms and Conditions for Online Tax/Bill Payments

These terms and conditions are applicable to all on-line transfer of funds undertaken by customers (Any resident of Cantonment doing transaction on online tax payment portal of Cantonment Board, Jalandhar) towards payment of any type of tax/non tax to Cantonment Board, Jalandhar.

1. The Customer hereby requests the Cantonment Board, Jalandhar to provide the Online Tax Service by debiting the Customerís account maintained with his/her respective Bank.

2. The Customer hereby confirms that all information including personal or identification information pertaining to the Customer or third parties, is being voluntarily provided by the Customer on the online tax payment portal of Cantonment Board, Jalandhar. The Customer represents and warrants that he/she is authorized to disclose the above information and there is no legal impediment in such disclosure. The Cantonment Board, Jalandhar shall not be responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the information and the Bank shall not have any responsibility to verify the authenticity or validity of such information.

3. The Customer hereby undertakes that the Cantonment Board's role is limited to providing a medium for Online Tax Payment Service and the Cantonment Board is not rendering any tax advisory services. The Customer agrees that all any disputes relating to the payment or tax details will be settled directly with his/her respective Bank and the Board's responsibility is limited to transferring the amount to the Authorised Banks.

4. The Customer agrees that the record of the instructions given and transactions with the Cantonment Board shall be conclusive proof and binding for all purposes and can be used as evidence in any proceeding.

5. The Customer agrees hereby agrees that once the transaction instruction has been executed, the Customer will not be able to request a reversal for the tax payment.

6. The Customer hereby acknowledges that the Online Tax Services depend on various electronic equipment and technology used from time to time. Thus, there could be delays and snags in receipt/transmission of the online instructions given by the Customers. The Bank does not hold any warranty including warranty of error free performance, on-time execution, quality of service, etc. in respect of execution of the Online Tax Service. The Bank shall not be held liable or responsible for any failure or delay, whether directly or indirectly caused by any circumstances beyond the control of the Cantonment Board, Jalandhar , including, but not limited to, refusal of the Authorised Banks to receive the payment for any reason whatsoever, acts of God, systems and communications breakdowns, failure or disruption in performance of any system or equipment, orders or restrictions, war or warlike conditions, hostilities, sanctions, mobilizations, blockades, embargoes, detentions, revolutions, riots, looting, strikes, stoppages of labour, lockouts or other labour troubles, earthquakes, fires or accidents. The Cantonment Board, Jalandhar shall not be liable or responsible to the Customer for any loss, damage whether direct or indirect, costs, charges or expenses, due to or occasioned by delay / inability to execute within stipulated time, under any circumstances.

7. The Customer shall not hold the Cantonment Board liable if it is unable to effect any online instruction if the Customerís account does not contain sufficient funds to cover the payment of the respective instruction or if the funds available in the payment account are under any attachment, lien or charge.

8. The Cantonment Board, Jalandhar shall also not be liable for any delay, failure or refusal of the Authorized Banks or any third party and the Customer shall keep the Cantonment Board harmless and free from any demand or claim in respect thereof.

9. In addition to the terms and conditions stipulated herein, the Online Tax Services shall be subject to General Conditions of the Cantonment Board, Jalandhar and rules for conduct of accounts as may be issued by the Cantonment Board from time to time.